It's finally that time!! Our business has gone to our First AND Second Pop Up shop EVER in the same weekend and I am so excited to share some tips, what I learned and so much more...

Lets start by breaking down each pop up day!

March 19th, 2022

This event was located in Tacoma WA at Edison Square. We got to meet so many talented people and other small businesses at this event. This particular event was indoors so our set up was very minimal. 

Some things I learned from this event is always introduce yourself and know your stuff!! research your craft as much as possible because customers will ask questions and the more you know the more comfortable they are with purchasing from you. 

 Another big thing to remember is you need to know how much space you can actually utilize. Our table was perfect for the amount of product we had. 

March 20th, 2022

This was an outside event and let me tell you it was such a crazy day. I learned many things for this event so here are a few tips if you are doing any outside spring pop up shops. 

FIRST dress warm! it was very cold and very windy and we didn't have enough layers on for just how cold it was outside. Bring things like hand warmers, snacks, and an umbrella in case it randomly starts to rain during the event. 

SECOND, invest in a tent with walls and weights :) our tent did not have either of these things and it made it very difficult for us to keep things from falling off the table when the wind started to blow. The weights are to keep the tent from flying away. 

Although we did run into a lot of troubles we had a very successful pop up and it was actually really fun to be apart of!

Here are a list of items you should have when you start going to pop ups:

  •   A 10 x 10 Canopy Tent (Mostly Used for outside events)
  • Folding Tables & Chairs
  • Banner, Runner or Stand with your Business Name, Logo and other information on it
  • Cash Box & Portable Card Reader- I used a Shopify Card Reader
  • Business Cards , Business card holder & Thank You Bags 
  • Table Cloths  (I prefer the stretchy ones)
  • Product Displays & Price List
  • Storage Bin to transport products
  • Samples (if you want people to try the product) 
  • Calculator (for people paying cash or venmo)

Most important thing to remember is have fun! and be confident :) 

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