Glitter, Shimmer & Shine

Glitter, Shimmer & Shine

Who doesn't love a good shimmer oil! In the sun it provides a beautiful glowy shimmer and in the winter it makes for a lightweight body oil perfect for moisturizing the body. 

What Is A Shimmering Body Oil?

I know you are probably thinking.... What exactly is a shimmering body oil and why does everyone love it so much? Well let me start off by explaining exactly what a body shimmer is? 

A body shimmer oil is a light-weight oil that provides a sun kissed glow to the skin on contact. The shimmer is typically Gold and/or bronze and absorbs into the skin fairly quickly. It can be made using any combination of carrier oils and is typically colored with a skin safe colorant to provide that glow we are familiar with. 

Some benefits of these luxurious oils is that it is incredibly easy to apply. Our shimmer comes with a capped treatment pump top. All you need to do is pump the oils 2-3 times and the oil will immediately come out onto the skin. Another benefit to these oils are they are super hydrating. Due to the carrier oils used in our shimmer oils they provide a light weight hydrating feel to the skin without being greasy. Our shimmers give instant results and each oil has a light fragrance to make them even better! 


Here is a breakdown of our ingredients

Castor Oil: Castor oil has both antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that make it great for the body. It acts as a humectant and has lots of fatty acids that help to maintain the skins moisture balance. The castor oil in this recipe allows our shimmers to have a slightly thicker consistency. 

Apricot Seed Oil: helps to improve skin tone, maintain softness and radiance of the skin. This oil is an emollient which makes it a great moisturizer for your skin. It is Anti-inflammatory and Anti-bacterial meaning it reduces inflammation and kills harmful bacteria. Another great benefit of this is oil is that is has antioxidants and anti-aging properties as it helps to reduce wrinkles and protect against free radical damage. Apricot oil contains oleic and linoleic acid as well as Vitamin A and E. 

  Vitamin E: Due to its fat-soluble nature, vitamin E is able to penetrate deep into your skin to help preserve lipids (fats) and soothe your skin. It helps to decrease the appearance of body scars and bruises, It also aides in healing while giving the skin a soft glow.

How To Use? 

  1. Shake Bottle to distribute the shimmer. We do not use preservatives in our shimmer oils so it is normal for it to settle.
  2. Pump treatment top (2-3 times for the first use)and apply to body
  3. Glitter & Glow!!


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